• Embedded Fast Boot Linux Smart Computing SW platform

  • Complete, fully tailorable user interface with basic applications

  • Easy to integrate and modify

  • Faster time-to-market

  • Expands customers offering

  • Example industries: mobile, IoT, healthcare, automotive (Link Motion), industrial


  • Cost-optimized SW and HW in-vehicle single-computing platform reduces HW and product maintenance costs

  • Changes the traditional vehicle computing by implementing several previously discrete controllers with one computer

  • Secure system with multi-layered software architecture and ARM TrustZone

  • Supports central unit, cluster and head-up displays, rear-view camera and CANopen protocol

  • Cellular, 4G, BlueTooth and GPS connections

  •


  • Virtualization maximises the security of software and hardware product

  • Isolates the critical parts of the system by enabling multiple operating systems running simultaneously on single device

  • Outside access to the most critical parts is prevented, making the system hackproof

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